Cece Peniston - “Finally"

This is the Director’s Cut of this music video which has never been released publicly as far as I know.

Back in the day before it was easy to do special effects with Avid Plug-Ins and Adobe After Effects, the director, Claude Borenzweig, came up with the unusual technique of layering different shapes over the same sections of video, all Black and White. The different layers were passed through isolated Red-Green-Blue channels of an old-school Kaleidoscope effects box.  When the layers overlapped, they created all sorts of surprising, unusual colors and shapes which were further manipulated. Clever concept and a unique look.  

But the record company was very conservative and forced Claude Borenzweig to pull back on his bold experimentation with the process. He found that frustrating.  So after the project was completed and delivered, he came to one of the edit house Chromavision where I was freelancing as a video editor, with the raw material.  He wanted to make his own version for his Director’s reel.   My instructions were to re-create the process and go wild with it. Which is exactly what we did.