Freestyle - "360"


For such a free-form approach to filmmaking, “Freestyle” is surprisingly well structured. “Freestyle” will draw you in, accomplishing that rare feat of making the creative process interesting while also telling a story. – Los Angeles Times

The challenge of editing Freestyle was keeping up with the director, Kevin Fitzgerald.  Kevin would promote screenings of rough cuts and then shoot the freestylers who gathered for impromptu cyphers and battles outside the theater after the movie. The best of those performances became part of the next cut!

My job was to integrate narrative threads with Kevin’s freestyle filmmaking style. I had been shooting my own documentary on the same topic, when Kevin’s producer Henry-Alex Rubin (Murderball) recruited me. We combined footage and also went in search of the all the underground archival footage of mythic freestyle battles. Finding treasures would lead to more: “Hey, is that a camera on the other side of the stage? Let’s find that guy!”

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