The Front Man - Trailer

“A decades spanning, nearly epic meditation on the meaning of success.” –

Footage for The Front Man  had been captured haphazardly, just-for-laughs with two of my best friends,  over the course of 13 years or so. Then I decided that, somehow, I had to find a narrative thread through this hilarious mess.

There were priceless moments – Christie visibly falling in love with Jim as he performs as the wedding singer at her first wedding; Jim spoofing a so-bad-he’s-good director at an audition and then getting the part in a horror movie; Christie announcing her pregnancy on the Howard Stern show and then making out with Beetlejuice after he eats sardines.

The Front Man was one of my most challenging edits and took years to complete. But the results are very gratifying – a heartwarming romantic comedy that’s also a documentary.