Tour De France - Show Segment

I worked on the coverage of six Tours de France with CBS Sports from 2000-2008.  Lance Armstrong dominated the race, which was great for our American audience. The CBS team won three Emmys in the category of Live Event Turnaround during this time. This dramatic segment shows why.

Producer Victor Frank and I worked side-by-side for many hours in a tiny remote editing truck, traveling all over France crafting these pieces. Vic is old school sports TV, with all the passion that implies: “We’re not just covering an event, LET’S MAKE A MOVIE!.” Vic is brilliant at identifying the best characters, their conflicts and teasing out the drama. Our small team over the years included an impressive list of talented producers, writers and editors. The music was specially composed for Vic and the Tour by Mark Wood and Armen Keteyian hosted the show in early years.

Even with all our combined experience covering the biggest sporting events in the world, many of us who worked the Tour de France for CBS Sports agree that it was the best gig in sports television.